Lee Boyland has appeared as a guest on the following talk-shows.

Topics include: nuclear weapons and terrorists; Iran's nuclear program; Pakistan nuclear stockpile; dirty bombs; Islamic terrorists, and what motivates them.

* Multiple appearances

Jimmy Lakey Show, KVOR 740 AM, Colorado Springs, CO

The Roger Hedgecock Show, syndicated nationwide

Substitute Guest Host, Doug Kellett, nationwide*

The Peoples Choice*, Syndicated, FL

Chuck Harder Show,* Syndicated, FL

The Michael Dresser Show,* Syndicated

Ed Norris Show,* WHFS 105.7 FM, Baltimore, MD

Community Connect*, WBEV 1430 AM, Beaver Dam, WI

Joe Teehan Show,* KGMI 790 AM, Bellingham, WA

Charlotte's Morning News*, WBT 1110 AM, Charlotte, NC

Dave Chaffin Show,* KGAB FM, Cheyenne, WY

Mancow Muller Show, Syndicated, Chicago, IL

Less in the Morning*, WEOL 930 AM, Cleveland, OH

The Radio Deli, WTVN 610AM, Columbus, OH

Champagne Valley Today, WITS 1250 AM, Crown Point, NY

Trevor Carry*, KNUS 710 AM, Denver, CO

Dennis Hart Show, KIRV 1510 AM, Fresno, CA

Trevor Carry* , KFKA 1310 AM, Ft. Collins, CO

The James Gang*, 600 KKOL FM, Ft. Collins, CO

Carter & Company*, WNWS 101.5 FM, Jackson, TN

The Big Show,* WKMI 1360 AM, Kalamazoo, MI

Ed Dean Show,* WMEL 920 AM, Melbourne, FL

Carole Nelson Show, WMEL 920 AM, Melbourne, FL

Memphis Morning News*, WREC 600 AM, Memphis, TN

Brian Kane Show, WWNN 1470 AM, Miami, FL

The Morning Mess*, WEKZ 93.7 FM, Monroe, WI

View Point, WACV 1110 AM, Montgomery, AL

Ask the Expert*, WMTR 1250 AM, Morristown, NJ

The Free Forum, WFNY 92.3 FM, New York, NY

AM Ocala Live, WOCA 1370 AM, Ocala, FL

The Road Home, WTLN 950 AM, Orlando, FL

Morning News*, KDKA 1020 AM, Pittsburg, PA

Frankly Speaking*, KFFK 1390 AM, Syndicated,

Talk Back*, WQLK 96.1 FM, Richmond, IN

Ron Thulin*, KAHL 1310 AM, San Antonio, TX

Michael Dresser Show,* WTKM, Syndicated,

JV and Elvis Show, WFYN 92.3 FM, Syracuse, NY

The Ron Jolly Show,* WTCM 580 AM, Traverse City, MI

Norm Jones Show,* WTCM 580 AM, Travis City, MI

Bauer & Rose Show, WMET 1160 AM, Washington, DC

News, WSLB 1400 AM, Watertown, NY

Todd Ortloff Show,* KONP 1450 AM, Port Angeles, WA

The Lionel Show, Air America, New York, NY

The Bauer & Rose Show, Syndicated

Front Page*, WWIB/WOGO FM, Chippewa Falls, WI

The Greg Knapp Experience, Radio America, Syndicated,

Viewpoint with Jean Dean, ESPN Radio 930 AM, Huntington, WV

Lee Michaels Show, CKNX 920 AM, Sarnia, Canada

WCED 1420 AM, DuBois, Pa

KFAQ Mornings,* KFAQ 1170 AM, Tulsa, OK

Allan Handelman Show,* WZTK FM 101.1, Syndicated, FL

Radioactive, KBAR 1230 AM, Oakley, ID

Tom Barnard Show, KQRS 92 FM, Minneapolis, MN

Bill Mick Show,* KFIV 1360 AM, Modesto, CA

Bill Mick Show,* WMMB 1240 AM, Melbourne, FL

Morning Show, WERC 960 AM, Birmingham, AL

Niel Boortz Show,* KPAM 860 AM, Portland, OR

Joe Pags Show, KTHR 740 AM, Houston, TX, and WOAI 1200 AM, San Antonio, TX

Steve Gill Show,* WTN 99.7 FM, Nashville, TN

Bob Lonsberry Show, WKRS 570 AM, Salt Lake City, UT

Neighborhood 21, Roger Fredinburg host, Republic Broadcasting Network syndicated

Overnight AM, Lan Lamphere, syndicated

Florida Show, Rhett Palmer, WZTA 1370 AM, Vero Beach, FL

Jack Ebling and You, WILS 1320-AM in Lansing, MI


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